You Can Make a Difference… Today

Three little kids working together
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Over 6,000 Children Served

Group of small boy smiling at the camera

Political unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has greatly crippled the country, resulting in a dynamic humanitarian crisis. Access to basic needs is limited for the average Congolese person. In Kamina, we often hear stories of families scrambling to find food. Many prioritize feeding the youngest in the family, while others go hungry.…

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Over 5,000 Children Fed

Kids eating side-by-side
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The Loss of Generations

HIV/AIDS has afflicted a terrible toll on children and their families. According to USAID, an estimated 17 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Ninety percent of these children live in sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, 3.4 million children in the same region under age 15 are living with HIV/AIDS. The civil war in…

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Rabbits Save Lives

As an organization, we believe in empowering the population we serve to meet their needs for today and tomorrow. Over the last several years, CORI has implemented various sustainability programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, including our Livestock Development Program. Our Livestock Development Program is a self-sustaining program. We purchase goats which are then…

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Donor Video

People receiving donations
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Scholarships Funded by Recycled Cans & Bottles

A man high fiving with so many small kids

High School Scholarships Funded by Recycled Cans & Bottles Our recycling program is thriving! Thanks to the generous donations of recyclable bottles and cans in the local Eugene/Springfield, we have now sent five high school scholarship recipients on to college. Their academic and career goals are noteworthy, and range from careers in medicine to legal…

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Readers Digest Article: Helping the Orphans of Democratic Republic of the Congo

A man kneeling beside three kids on a ground

Growing up in the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Richard Kitumba often went to bed wondering if he would be alive in the morning. One night, “soldiers broke into my family’s house, and we were forced at gunpoint to load all our possessions onto their trucks,” he says. Kitumba and his family survived…

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Recognition by Springfield’s Mayor

Springfield, Oregon banner in green color

Mayor Lundberg honored The City of Refuge International at a City Council Meeting. The mayor said, “Tonight, we acknowledge and thank all of you for your spirit, dedication and for bringing hope to children who had no hope. You embody the spirit and dedication we all aspire to achieve and we thank you for representing…

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