With your help we are providing care, education, and lifelong empowerment to orphaned children. Each child receives food, clothing, education, immunizations and mosquito nets, and general medical care. Our children live in permanent foster families and have regular contact with each other. Also, foster families currently participate in training seminars on a biannual basis. Our hope is to continue to expand the number of children under our care, and that is where your help is needed. Monthly sponsorship funds make a difference!

Cost for monthly sponsorship is $70, or $35 for a half sponsorship.

Find a Child To Sponsor Today!

With the help of generous donations, we have purchased a 3-acre plot of land in Kamina enclosed by an 8-foot high security wall. We have finished the construction of a storage shed, purchased garden tools and seeds, and begun an agricultural development project on our land. This project provides many people with practical skills and food grown will be used to supplement food given to our program participants. The children in our Child Sponsorship Program have the opportunity to learn valuable agricultural skills and are involved every step of the way. Ongoing donations are needed for land maintenance, tool purchases, and seed purchases.



Donations allow for the purchase of goats, which are then given to pre-screened families in the community. In exchange, the families must give one offspring back to the CORI within one year. Offspring will then be passed on to other families. Thank you to those who have already contributed to this fund. Over 80 families have already benefited from this great program.

Cost for one female goat is $78.

A new scholarship program has enabled 14 additional youth, some orphans as well, to enroll in high school. Scholars are selected based on financial need, character, and merit. Scholars are given optional college scholarships after successful completion of high school. Five of our scholars are now enrolled in college and are doing very well!

High School


Each scholar receives clothing, shoes, immunizations, uniforms and school tuition and fees. Funds come from generous donors and CORI volunteers collecting and recycling your bottles and cans. Thanks to these efforts, we have successfully sustained this program.

Bring your cans to Springfield Faith Center, 6OO Hayden Bridge Way in Springfield, Oregon, on the first Sunday of each month between 9-1pm. If you are interested in putting a can collection container at your business or workplace, please contact us by phone: 541-501-2850.

A little recycling can go a long way.

Vocational Training
Carpentry Shop

Skill training is a key step toward ensuring sustainable livelihoods. Children in our programs can complement their traditional education with hands-on job training. The purpose of the carpentry shop is to teach youth in the Child Sponsorship Program woodworking skills such as planning, measuring, squaring and cutting a board, driving nails and screws, using clamps and other basic carpentry tools. Participants will have opportunities to build and repair furniture, and will be paid for their efforts.
In the long run, the carpentry program will provide career training, entrepreneurial skills, teamwork, and constructive afterschool activities for CORI’s youth.

A generous donation has allowed us to purchase all supplies necessary for our start-up! Ongoing donations will be used to cover maintenance and supply costs.

As in many developing countries, women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo often carry a heavy burden. We are committed to empowering women by funding various grassroots and small business initiatives. Our program allows for women entrepreneurs to request business items and funds to help get their businesses started.


Currently, a number of young women are regularly attending workshops to learn seamstress skills, and many have already sewn full outfits! Be sure to visit our Gallery to see photos of the project. We are continuing to collect funds to help purchase additional sewing machines for young women in our program.

The cost of sewing machines varies. Manual sewing machines cost $222, while electric machines vary from $300 to $600.

Pregnant Women

In the city of Kamina 7 out of 10 pregnant women are severely malnourished. The lack of adequate nutrients during pregnancy leads to a multitude of complications, including high rates of mother and infant mortality. Maternal death strains families and communities.

In an effort to thwart the rise of orphaned infants in Kamina, The City of Refuge International is partnering with local pregnant women and women’s healthcare providers. A 30-day pilot project conducted by our organization showed that women receiving food and prenatal vitamin and mineral supplements made dramatic gains in overall quality of health.

At this point, our fifth group of 30 women has entered the program and about half of them have already delivered healthy babies.

Our desire is to partner with foundations, businesses, and individuals committed to women’s health and empowerment, and to the prevention of orphaned infants. Please contact us today if you would like to be involved.

Suggested Donation: $50

The need for clean water is paramount throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo. According to the United Nation, half of Congo’s 80 million people have no access to safe drinking water. Deaths are attributed to waterborne illness including cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. At any given time, 1 in 5 children is sick with a deadly waterborne illness.

Live Well:
Water Well Program

Our Live Well: Water Well Program provides safe and accessible water to people who desperately need it to survive.

To date, we have successfully installed 28 water wells, changing the story of over 19,600 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

And we won’t stop there…

Together, we will reach the most vulnerable.

A donation of $1,940 provides for the purchase and installation of a water well. The name of your choice will be inscribed on the well’s plaque.