Rabbits Save Lives

A rabbit sitting on the ground in front of bushes.

As an organization, we believe in empowering the population we serve to meet their needs for today and tomorrow. Over the last several years, CORI has implemented various sustainability programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, including our Livestock Development Program.

Our Livestock Development Program is a self-sustaining program. We purchase goats which are then given to pre-screened families in the community. In exchange, the families must give one offspring back to CORI within a year. Offspring are then passed on to other families. Hundreds of families are continuing to benefit from this program.

This year, we are adding meat rabbits to our Livestock Developmental Program, and plan to use the same distribution method we have used for goats. Rabbits are very productive, with the average female rabbit delivering six to eight babies eight times a year – that’s    up to 64 babies in a year. Rabbits are easily nourished off of native foliage.

We are planning to give each selected family a doe, buck, and hutch. In exchange, each family must give two does and two bucks back to CORI within the first year. Offspring will then be passed on to other families. These rabbits will help provide nutritious, local protein to families in need, as well as to provide opportunities for barter and purchase of other necessities.