Ongoing Fundraising Opportunities

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Emilie’s Tea

Emilie’s Tea is a Bi-Annual Tea in honor of an amazing woman, Emilie Kabamba Bulungo, who was a valuable part of The City of Refuge International (CORI) prior to her passing. Women gather for tea and make a difference in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In the Spring, Emilie’s Tea is a Women’s Empowerment Tea that benefits the Women’s Empowerment Initiative through CORI. In December, Emilie’s Tea proceeds fund CORI’s annual Christmas dinner served to thousands of children in need.

Fill a water bottle (standard 20 oz. size) with dimes and when full, it is $100!  Save your dimes or spare change and make a difference. Contact us for our pre-labeled bottles or just fill your own! Contact us to pick up your full bottle(s).

Dimes for the DRC

Empty Basket Dinner

This is a unique opportunity to raise money for The City of Refuge International while enjoying the company of friends. First, you contact CORI and select a date. Then, invite friends, coworkers, and family members over for dinner. Crissy, marketing and fundraising coordinator, and Richard, founder of CORI, will come to your home and present an overview of CORI, including our history and programs. CORI provides decorative, African baskets to set out at the dinner, and participants have an opportunity to fill the baskets with donations. Contact us to help fill the baskets up!