Delivery Truck Brings Smiles

Since its inception in 2007, The City of Refuge International’s (CORI) staff have transported food with bicycles from remote villages and stored them at CORI’s food distribution center. Then monthly, CORI staff have transported food by bicycle to numerous foster homes, malnourished pregnant women, and feeding centers across the city of Kamina. Food distribution would take several days, and was done in all types of weather – scorching heat and torrential rain being quite typical. CORI has been in dire need of a delivery truck. A recent capital campaign efficiently raised the needed funds, and a truck has been purchased!

Across the city of Kamina, word of the delivery truck spread like wild fire. Program recipients eagerly anticipated the first food distribution made by vehicle, waiting hours along the roads. Geiger, our Field Director, described the jubilant cheers, smiles, and dancing that erupted at each destination. We are deeply gratified by the response program recipients have had to the delivery truck. Participants and CORI staff helped unload the truck and carry goods home – generally on heads and shoulders – everyone pitching in for those less able to carry heavy loads

The truck facilitates expanded and expedited food distribution, as well as travel to economical food sources, allowing for larger food purchases within the allotted food budget. We remain committed to accessing food from the source, traveling to the rural locations where it is grown. We are pressing on – fighting hunger one delivery at a time.