Child Sponsorship

With your help we are providing care, education, and lifelong empowerment to orphaned children. Each child receives food, clothing, education, immunizations and mosquito nets, and general medical care. Our children live in permanent foster families and have regular contact with each other. Also, foster families currently participate in training seminars on a biannual basis. Our hope is to continue to expand the number of children under our care, and that is where your help is needed. Monthly sponsorship funds make a difference!

Cost for monthly sponsorship is $70, or $35 for a half sponsorship.

My name is Mbayo Kazadi

I’m a 6 years old girl from The Democratic Republic of Congo. You can change my life today! Empower me to achieve my dreams. $70 a month can help secure my education, healthcare, nutritious food, clean water, secure housing, and so much more.

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Bihi Ilunga
8 Years Old

Tshilenge Mpoyo
6 Years Old

Shimba Mutwabene
5 Years Old

Nyembo Zebede
13 Years Old

Mbayo Kazadi
5 Years Old

Ngoy Celestine
4 Years Old

Monga Mpoyo Renette
11 Years Old

Mbuyu Mulume
5 Years Old

Lenge Mande Niclette
12 Years Old

Mande Mulopwe
3 Years Old